[2592] 1) thog ma dang/ gdod ma/ rtsa ba/ ... ye nas bzang po/ ... ye nas med pa/ ... ye nas dag pa/ ... ye nas yod pa'i yon tan/ ...


ye ni dkar phyogs te / lha yi phyogs. Namdak, Bzo-rig 112. gtan dang dang po sogs. Btsan-lha. Discussed in Karmay, Arrow 256 ff. At end of sentence: khyod rang rlung pos khyer tsa na mnyam 'ong ste da rung mkhregs tshad du myi gda' ye gsung. Zhi-byed Coll. II 341.1. In M.Vy. 6407, it is given, together with rnam pa thams cad, as a translation for Skt. sarvathA.


from the beginning, from eternity, utterly, perfectly, highly, quite, from the very beginning, principle of light & being, basic


1) first, primordial, beginning, original, eternal[ly] fundamental; 

2) always, constant


timeless; atemporal


eternally, primordially, beginning, first, primordial, original; good, best/ primordial; primordial; beginning, first, primordial, original, eternally, primordially