verb: hold; bear; grasp; apprehend; conceive; identify{BJ 10.4}noun: apprehension; apprehender; conception; conceiver; object [e;g; bzung 'dzin, subject and object]{BJ 43.1}


{C}will take up; to gain; grasps at; grasped


gzung 'dzin bzung zungs


{C}grahISyati; {C}gRhNAti; {MV}grahaNa; {MV}grAha; {MV}grAhaka; {C}parigRhNAti; {C}upAdatta; {MSA}nigUDha


[2343] bden dpang gi yig dzar/ ... byung 'dzin/ ... dngul 'dzin/ ... g.yar 'dzin/ ...


another example is d;$r-zjZh]-s#n-p-[[-f*[! (bzung 'dzin rdzas tha dad med/) "subject and object do not exist as different substantial entities" {T}


1. bum 'dzin rtog pa ; 

2. bdag 'dzin gyi zhen yul ; 

3. gzugs 'dzin dbang mngon ; 

4. sngags sdom 'dzin pa ; 

5. bden 'dzin ; 

6. nges shes kyi 'dzin stangs stong nyid la zhugs shing


1. thought consciousness conceiving "pot" ; 

2. referent object of the conception of self ; 

3. a sense direct perceiver apprehending a form ; 

4. assumption of Tantric vows ; 

5. the conception of true existence/establishment ; 

6. the mode of apprehension of the ascertaining consciousness is absorbed in suchness{TGP 28}


upholds, subject, percipient, apprehending subject, subjective, apprehend, belief, noetic, grasping, objectifying, interference, act of laying hold or seizing, seizure, grasp, gripe, catch, holder, keeper, receptacle, bond, obligation, contract, agreement, bargain, treaty, epistemological subject, holding on to


1) letter of testimony [including transaction receipts; 

2) perceiver; 

3) fixation)/ [hold on to, uphold, regard, catch, capture, seize, control, manipulate, grasp, master fix, fixate on, take hold of the act of seizing, seizure, habit, (notion), perceptual habit, the 'holder', perceiver, apprehender]. 1) letter of testimony [including transaction receipts; 2) perceiver; 3) fixation; 4) hold, grasp, adhere to, catch, seize, consider, hold as, receipt, invoice, voucher check, wear *


knowledgably [never forgetting the scriptures or the discipline]. to hold on to. uphold, upholding [the heart of realization], regarded, to catch, capture, seize, to control, manipulate, to grasp, master Syn {khong du chud pa/ shes pa} grasp, fix, fixate on, take hold of. the act of seizing, seizure, grasp, gripe. habit, [notion], perceptual habit, the 'holder', perceiver, apprehender; Dhara; {zin pa} subjective perception/ grasping; to perceive/ apprehend/ grasp/ invest with. bill; 'dzin btang ba - to bill someone. remember; x {mi brjed par 'dzin} remember without forgetting