verb: hold; bear; grasp; apprehend; conceive; identify{BJ 10.4}noun: apprehension; apprehender; conception; conceiver; subject [i.e. apprehender, consciousness]{BJ 44.6}; apprehending subject; retention


{C}grasper; receiver; take up; learn; learning; seize; taking hold of; studying; grasp at; take notice; holds; bearing in mind; bear in mind; preserve; carries; seizes; seizure; appropriation; grasping; planet; get hold of; takes hold of; gains; wins; seize upon; assists; acquires; receives; takes to; seizing


gzung 'dzin bzung zungs


grAhaka. grAha. grAhika. dhAraNa. dhAraNA. parigraha


(_/grah): {L,MV}gRhyate; {C,MSA,MV}*; {C}graha; {C}*; {MSA}*; {MV}grAhakatva; {MSA,C}udgrahaNa; {MSA,MV,C}grahaNa; {C}grahaNatA; {C}gRhNAti; {C}udgRhNAti; {C}parigRhNAti (=mamatvena svIkuryAt); {MSA}*; {C,MSA,MV}udgraha; {C,MV,MSA}*; {MV}*; {C}dhArayati; {MSA}dhRta; {MSA}dhRti


[2344] 1. ( tha dad pa ) bzung ba/ gzung ba/ zung// 1) 'chang ba/ ... khas blangs nas dam por 'dzin pa/ ... khyod kyi lag pas bzung ba de dam por zung zhig ... nyi 'dzin dang zla 'dzin/ ... bdag gir 'dzin pa/ ... 2) blo la len pa'am 'jog pa/ ... tshig don tshang ma blo la 'dzin pa/ ... nyin rer dpe cha shog lhe lnga re bzung yod/ ... 3) len pa/ ... mig gis gzugs 'dzin pa dang rna bas sgra 'dzin pa/ ... re'u mig 'dzin/ ... thob nor gyis nyi rkang 'dzin dgos/ ... 2. ... 1) chags pa dang zhen pa/ ... kho la pha yul gyi 'dzin pa chen po 'dug ... 2) kha stod spang la skye ba'i bong nga nag po me tog dkar shas can 'char ba zhig ste/ nang gses su dbye na lo rkang me tog gsum la phyi 'dzin dang/ rtsa ba nang 'dzin/ 'bras bu dang myu gur gsang 'dzin bcas bzhed/ nus pas rims nad dang/ gnyan tshad/ gag lhog bcas 'joms/ ... 3) dbang lag ... 4) sems pa/ ...


grahaNa. grAhikA. grAhitA. grAhin. dhara. prati-/i:pratyeti. prati-/grah:pratigrahItum. saMjJin. ud-/grah:udgRhNAti. udgrAhaka. upA-/dA:upAdadIta. upAdAna. /grah:gRhNAti. /dhR:dhArayati. /dhR:dhArayat. /dhR:dhArayanti. /dhR:dhArayiSyati


apprehending (act, agent), apprehension, apprehend, subject, interference, ego-centered, control, come under control, take up, hold to, lay hold of, uphold, hold, holding, seize, the seizing, he that seizes, comprehend, comprehension, believe, conceive, appropriate, gather, capture, catch, grab, clip, manipulate, grasp, master, remember, memorize, keep in mind, project, retention, endowed with, the apprehender, 1 of 27 coincidences in astrology, SA sbyor ba nyer bdun, support, realize, conceive, consider, estimate, capacity, he that occupies, dispenser, retain, maintain, to reify, fixation, belief, to cling to, to regard as


(6) black aconite Black aconite grows in upper valley meadows bong nga nag po with white flowers shas can. divisions: the leaves, pith, and flower are called external 'dzin, the root internal nang 'dzin, the fruit and stems secret 'dzin, by its power epidemic diseases, gnyan tshad, amd gag lhog are cured]. 1) hold [firmly]; 2) eclipse; 3) ego grasping; 4) receive in the mind/ apprehend; 4) understand; 5) desire/ attachment (6) black aconite [R] (7) hand (8) thought/ wish, (9) subject)/ [take hold of, accept, grasp, cling, catch, grab, apprehend, grasp, hold, cling, fixate, bear [in mind], take up, accept, be accepted, hold [on to], fixate on, cling to, hold holder or "fixation", watcher, grasper, clinging, grasping, holding, fixation, retention, attachment, comprehending the teachings {1 of the ཆོས་སྤྱོད་བཅུ (10) religious practices]. 

1) grasp[ing][er]; 

2) hold[er]; 

3) subject; 

4) accept [thugs rje de 'dzin par shog - may (their kindness accept you -"the holder" "fixation" "the watcher "]. 

1) hold [firmly]; 

2) eclipse; 

3) ego grasping; 

4) receive in the mind/ apprehend; 

4) understand; 

5) desire/ attachment; 

6) black aconite; 

7) hand; 

8) thought/ wish; 

9) subject


ཟིན་པ  (process of) (subjectively oriented) fixation/ perception/ conceptualization; reification/ reifying concepts; to reify/ conceive (of)/ apprehend/ conceptualize (as a subject); to invest with; to perceive; isc. to perceive/ think in terms of . . .; isc. to misconstrue/ misperceive; isc. reifying perceptions


apprehend, grasp, seize [thd]. remembering; x {gong 'og nor nas 'dzin pa} remembering them out of order. to take hold of. subject, that which apprehends, [graha]; subject; memorize, retain/ to regard; to be a repository, to hold onto, to hold, adhere to; taking hold of, holder, accept, grasping, clinging, "the holder" or "fixation", "the watcher". catch, grab, apprehend, the grasper 'the watcher', to grasp, hold, cling, fixate, clinging, grasping, holding, fixation, retention, attachment, to bear, bearing in mind. 3) retain, comprehend the teachings, one of the  ཆོས་སྤྱོད་བཅུ10 religious practices. take up, to accept, be accepted, to hold, hold on to, fixate on, cling to, holds, taken up, {bzung ba, gzung ba, zung}; to possess. to apprehend [ggd]. to fixate; to apprehend; the apprehension process; to perceive; to grasp; to take to be (something); to hold. remember / memorize. Clinging. Attachment. to conceive of ..