establish; achieve; exist; accomplish


{C}accomplish; accomplished; accomplishment; (reach) consummation; creation; total reality; comes to completion


འགྲུབ འགྲུབ'grubs/grub grubs


niSpatti. samRddhi


{L}niSpAdana; {C,MV,MSA}* {C}(=pariniSpatti = pariniSpadyate); {MSA}pariniSpatti (e.g.: dharma-kAya-pariniSpatti); *; saMpatti; saMpAdana; {MSA,MV}siddhi; ཡང་དག་པར་འགྲུབ་པ - {MSA}samudAgama


[512] (tha mi dad pa) grub pa/ 'grub pa// 

1) legs par tshar ba dang/ chags pa/ ... yun ring bar du dka' las chen po byas te gzhi nas re 'dod ltar 'grub thub pa/ ... las don 'grub dgos na 'bad brtson byed dgos/ ... skud pa gcig gis ras mi 'grub/ sdong po gcig gis nags mi 'grub/ ... sdong po mang na rlung 'gog mi mgo mang na las 'grub/ ... 

2) yod pa dang/ gnas pa'am 'byung ba/ ... rtags ma grub/ ... gzhi ma grub pa/ ... rang bzhin gyis grub pa/ ...


nirvartaka. sam-/Rdh:samRdhyanti. abhiniSpatti. /ArAg:ArAgayati. /Rdh:Rdhyati


available, to find, to come from, finish, complete, reach, realize, accomplish, make ready, establish, SA sgrub pa, be accomplished without any perceptible agent, be made ready, be finished


1) successfully complete/ accomplish/ finish/ establish; 

2) engender; 

3) constitute; 

4) make ready; 

5) fulfill; 

6) exist


to have ever existed; to be accomplished/ realized/ attained/ ensured/ brought about; to come about; to gain attainment; to be confirmed/ proven/ established; to be finished/ completed; isc. to serve/ function (as); isc. to be in its own right/ to be a given; isc. to allow for/ ensure; isc. to be valid/ convincing


འགྲུབ་པ, grub pa, 'grub pa} intr. v.; 

1) vi. to achieve, fulfill, complete, accomplish, reach, attain, obtain, gain, finish. 

2) v. to be formed. 

3) to exist, be existent [demonstrated by logical proof]; establish/ prove; to be accomplished, realized, attained, assured, come about; to gain accomplishment; to be proven, established; to finish, complete, be finished, be completed; to be made ready, to be finished, establishing, accomplished; engender, constitute, make ready, fulfill, exist. See also {grub pa}. accomplished, established [thd]


Notes: bring about