cessation; stopping


{C}which stops; inadmissible; refrain; repudiation




{L,MSA,MV}*; {C}nirodhi; {C}nirodhika; {C}niSedha;

ལམ་འགོག་པ = {MSA}paripantha



1. ཐ་དད་པ 1 bkag pa/ dgag pa/ khog /1) rgyun gcod pa/ ... dgra 'gog pa/ ... 'go nad sngon 'gog ... kha bkag pa/ ... rgyug chu de bkag zin pa yin/ ... lam 'gog pa/ ... 2) rgol ba/ ... phas rgol bkag pa/ ... 2 bkog pa/ dgog pa/ khog /1) 'don pa/ ... rtswa ngan 'gog pa/ ... so bkog pa/ ... rtsa ba bkog pa/ ... 2) sbyar sa nas mar len pa/ ... ldebs ris 'gog pa/ ... shing shun gyi pags pa 'gog par byed/ ... 

2. bden bzhi mi rtag sogs bcu drug gi nang gses shig ste/ sdug bsngal 'byung ba'i rgyu 'dod chags dang zhe sdang la sogs pa'i nyon mongs pa dang/ srog gcod pa la sogs pa'i sdig pa mi dge ba'i las rnams spangs te mi 'byung ba/ ... 3. mtshungs pa gsal byed kyi sgra zhig ste 'dra ba/ ...


cessation of the senses. Karmay, Treasury.


take away, extinction, cessation, cessation of involvement, suspension of attitudinal and functional operations, refutation, cessation of suffering, fill in, stuff, pick, pull out, pluck, resist, stop up, block up, stopping, extinguish, SA bar du bcod pa, 'gegs pa, take away forcibly, snatch, tear away, take off a cover, withhold, interrupt


1) block/ hinder/ refute; 

2) take/ snatch/ tear away; 

3) pull out/ eradicate/ make cease; 

4) [absorption/ truth of] cessation; 

5) annihilation/ extinction; 

6) stopping; 

6) disconnect.

(7. cessation as 1 of the 16 kinds of impermanence of the four noble truths, the causes of suffering, kleshas, passion, aggression etc. and evil deeds abandoned do not arise; 

8) mtshungs pa gsal byed kyi sgra zhig ste 'dra ba


to cease; cessation; to refute; refutation


block, cessation, refute, negate, prevent [thd]. 

1) cessation, annihilation, extinction, stopping, exhaustion, final extinction. 

2) truth of cessation, third of the འཕགས་པའི་བདེན་པ་བཞི four noble truths. stopping of suffering, to take away, to snatch, tear away, pull out. among the 16 aspects of the four truths: 

Def. by འཇམ་མགོན་ཀོང་སྤྲུལ་: {sdug bsngal 'byung ba'i rgyu nyon mongs pa rnams dang bral ba'i mtshan nyid can} 

3) {'gog pa, bkag pa, dgag pa, khog} trans. v.; to halt, cease, stop, block, hamper, hinder, impede, inhibit, prevent, repress; to block, obstruct, stop, hinder, limit; to hinder, 

4) abbr. of {'i snyoms 'zug} 

5) {'gog pa, bkog pa, dgog pa}; to be hampered. negate, refute, prevent, block, reject. to put an end to