[320] sa bdun pa'i yongs sbyong skabs las su bya ba dang/ byed pa po/ bya ba'i rang bzhin te 'khor gsum la mi dmigs pa'i rgyas btab pa/ ...


threefold purity, pure motive (no preconceived ideas as to result of action), the receiver of gift, the act of giving, and the person giving must all be in a state of disinterestedness, agent + action + recipient of action


3-fold purity [not conceptualizing subject, object and action, as in the case of the perfect training of the seventh bhumi: las su bya ba, byed pa po, bya ba.]


threefold total/ comprehensive purity/ freedom; total purity/ freedom of/ from subject, object, and their interrelationship


threefold purity [of not conceptualizing subject, object and action], threefold total/ comprehensive purity. Threefold Purity. Total purity of the three concepts. Absence of fixation on subject, object and action