[2470] 1.( ཐ་དད་པ) rjod pa/ ... skad cha de 'dra zer ba'i don gang yin/ ... ci zer ba la nyan/ ... zer tshad bden min/ btso tshad sha min/ ... lug ma gsod bla mas zer/ sha khyer shog bla mas zer/ ... zer sa bu mo la zer/ phog sa mna' ma la phog ... 2.nges gzung gi sgra/ ... kham bu zer ba ha cang mngar mo zhig yod/ ...


so-called, be named, be called, to say, that one called, is said to be, is called, may say, we call this, it is called, it is explained this way, to ask


1) ( ཐ་དད་པ) say; 

2) so called, " be named/ called, say


to (be) term(ed); to claim/ say/ speak/ call (used pejoratively in debate to indicate opponent's (false) statement)


refers to. {zer ba, zer ba, zer ba} trans. v.; to (be) term(ed); to say/ speak/ call, say, said