verb: to be done with; conjoined with; to be affected by; grasp; hold; supplement; conjoin withadv.: particle indicating past [sometimes untranslatable]: alreadyadj.: conjoined{D1}; apprehension


comprise; comprehend; embodied in




{MSA}anta (e.g.: zama-bhAvAnta); {MSA}AviSTa; {MSA}*; grahaNa


[2460] 1. ( ཐ་མི་དད་པ) 

1) ངེས་པ/ ... dpe cha zin pa/ ... gsungs pa rnams blor zin pa/ ... tshig don bzung yang ma zin pa/ ... 

2) thebs pa/ ... rkun ma lag par zin pa/ ... bya ba byed skabs tshang ma gzhan phan gyi bsam pa'i rtsis zin dgos/ ... phabs kyi rtsis zin pa/ ... 2. tshar ba'i don ston rogs byed pa'i tshig grogs shig ... las ka byas zin pa/ ... tshogs 'du grol zin pa/ ... skyes zin ma 'gag pa/ ...


saMgRhIta. saMsparza. upAdatta. /daMz:dazati


already, come under control, (use past or perfect tense), completed, memorize, terminated, concluded, exhausted, consume, recognition, maintained, (commit to retain in, retentive) memory, learn, be at the end, be finished, (affix in older writings denoting that action is complete and finished), SA འཛིན་པ, possessed, captured, accomplish, done, completed, to be afflicted by, to be governed by, to be conditioned by, to be caused by, to be dominated by, natural perfection, to embrace


end[ed], competed. 

1) ཐ་མི་དད་པ 

1) be certain of, completely assimilated; 

2) take hold of, grasp; 

3) be completed/ finished/ at the end of/ exhausted/ consumed [particle] possessed, captured, accomplish, conjoined, attain, embrace[d by], taken hold of, remember, commit to memory, a good memory, terminate. 


ensured/ already the case/ in place/ finished; (to be) seized/ overtaken (by)/ appreciated/ experienced (as); to be just what it is; (to be) ensured/ assured; to gain; is(vf)c. grasped. {'dzin pa} (process of) (subjectively oriented) fixation/ perception/ conceptualization; reification/ reifying concepts; to reify/ conceive (of)/ apprehend/ conceptualize (as a subject); to invest with; to perceive; isc. to perceive/ think in terms of . . .; isc. to misconstrue/ misperceive; isc. reifying perceptions. . . . ཟིན་པ already . . .ed


to arrest; Syn {'jus pa}. {rnam thar zin pa} follow your life-example. {zin pa, zin pa, zin pa} intr. v.; already; completed, finished, accomplished, done; embrace, accept; finished; (to be) seized/ overtaken (by); possessed, captured, accomplish, conjoined, to attain, embraced by, taken hold of, to embrace, to be completed / finished, conjoined. to be accepted; has accepted us {mthun pa'i rkyen dge ba'i bshes gnyen gyis zin} without the favorable circumstance of being accepted by a spiritual friend