quintessential instruction; precept; religious advice; instruction; instructions; direct speech






[2056] (upadesha) thabs kyi snying po'am thabs zab mo/ ... sman gyi man ngag ... lag rtsal gyi man ngag ... man ngag gi mthil/ .... [2057] mdzod/ klong chen mdzod bdun gyi ya gyal zhig ste/ rjod byed drug tshan du ma'i bdag nyid can gyi sgo nas zhal gdams kyi tshul du ston pa'i gzhung/ dus rabs bcu bzhi par rnying ma'i slob dpon klong chen rab 'byams kyis mdzad pa'o/ ...




See ཐམ་ལག. Blan 298.5. etymologized in 166 527. Explanation in Las-chen, Chos-'byung I 32-33. Milarepa tells Gampopa that Bka'-gdams-pa have གདམས་ངག, but not མན་ངག. BA 455.


upadesha, instruction, guidance, secret instruction, teaching, religious advice, direction, ( རྫས, sngags, sman, bsgom pa, 'don pa, bzo byed), same as sngags for common people, esoteric instructions, texts which are derived from the experiences of the practice of the masters and which are transmitted secretly, oral instructions, secret oral instruction, direct transmission, pith instructions


upadesha, oral/pith instructions [thabs kyi snying po'am thabs zab mo - //sman gyi man ngag //lag rtsal gyi man ngag //man ngag gi mthil. oral/ essence/ secret instruction, precepts, personal advice (on practice) direction, information TSE upadesha, oral/ pith instructions


(in case of མན་ངག་སྡེ) direct transmission (in case of rgyud lung man ngag) pith instruction(s) (in case of instruction) heart advice; isc. intimate advice


Oral instructions, ( གདམས་ངག). As opposed to the scholastic tradition, the oral instructions of the Practice Lineage are concise and pithy so they can always be kept in mind; they are practical and to the point so they are effective means to deal directly with the practices of purifying one's obscurations and gathering the two accumulations. upadesha, secret oral instruction, quintessential instructions; instructions; direct transmission (instruction); [oral] instruction, instructions, precepts, [secret] instruction. personal advice [on practice]. direction, information, esoteric instruction, precepts, quintessential instructions, pith instruction, crucial instructions, key instruction