*; discourse; short sentence; axiom; scripture


{C}sets of discourses; in short; briefly; to cut it short


{MSA,MV}*; {MSA}sUtrAnta; {C}saMkSipteNa


[1380] ... 

1) nyung ngur bsdus pa'i sdom mam gnad 'gag ... 

2) chu dang/ lam sogs kyi 'dzoms 'gag ... lam bzhi mdo/ ... chu gsum mdo/ ... brag gsum mdo/ ... lam mdor lus pa/ ... 

3) khang pa sogs kyi phyi'am mda'/ ... khang pa sbug mdo/ ... lung pa'i phu mdo/ ... 

4) sde snod gsum gyi nang las mdo sde/ ... 

5) mdo sngags kyi zlas dbye ba'i mdo/ ...




seems to be used in a special way in Zhi-byed Coll. See at II 237.2: rang gi mdo' don de rang gis ma byas na. Many other examples. (Most seem to make sense if "don" were substituted for mdo.) pho mdo che chung dang / mo sgrin glen thams cad bye brag 'chi kar gsal. Zhi-byed Coll. V 132.6. skyes pa dang bud med gnyis ka rang mdo che chung phyi ma byed de. Zhi-byed Coll. V 298.6. mdo chung pos bsgrub pa myi nus. Zhi-byed Coll. V 443.4.


scripture, discourse


sutra, discourse, axiom, rule, lower part of valley, crossroads, conjunction, meeting place, short sentence, text, 1 of 12 gsung rab yan lag, *


1) sutra [= mahyana sutra, or in the hinayana sutra pitika]; 

2) lower part of a valley; 2) crossing-place / confluence [roads, rivers / valleys / mts]; 

3) in summary, briefly, abbreviated point; 

4) discourse, scripture, [in anu yoga] discourse summarizing many topics; 

5) prudence 

(6) credibility 

(7) house etc. kyi phyi'am mda'a, inside and outside. 

1) s tra; 2) lower part of a valley; 2) crossing-place/ confluence, cross-roads, junction; 3) in summary, briefly, abbreviated point; 4) discourse, * [summarizing many topics]; 5) prudence (6) credibility (7) house etc. kyi phyi'am mda'a, inside and outside ??


sutra/ discourse; point of convergence


Sutra, a discourse of the Buddha, 

1) sutras. 

2) a valley; lower part of a valley 

3) cross-road, junction, confluence, juncture, crossing 

4) in summary, briefly. 

5) discourse, sermon, 

6) scripture [in Anu yoga], 

7) Syn Mahayana, མདོ་སྔགས

8) prudence, credibility. Sutra,  མདོ་སྡེ. 

1) A discourse by or inspired by the Buddha. 

2) A scripture of the Sutra pitaka within the Tripitaka. 

3) All exoteric teachings of Buddhism belonging to Hinayana and Mahayana, the causal teachings that regard the path as the cause of enlightenment, as opposed to the esoteric, tantric teachings. 

4) Scripture, (lung). a scripture belonging to the category of Anu Yoga or Ati Yoga. sutra [thd]

List of Sutras