verb: do; act; perform; refer (to){BJ 24.5}noun: agent; instrument; action{N}


{C}make; mention; cause; effectiveness; causes; brings about; effects; one acts as; doer; cause to achieve; what it does; function; activity; effecting; search; seek/strive for; want; bear in mind; preserve; carries; acts as


karaNa. kriyA


(_/kR): {C,MSA,MV}karoti; {C}kriya; {C,MV,MSA}*; {C}kartR; {C}kArayati; {C}kAritra; {C}-kRt; {MSA}kara (e.g.: hita-kara); {MSA}karin (e.g.: prabhA-kara); {MSA,MV}* (e.g.: Asthita-*); {C}gaveSate; {C}dhArayati; {MSA}AcaraNa (e.g.: sattvArthAcaraNa); {MSA}praNayana; {MSA}prayatna; {MSA}vyApAra; {MSA}sthApanA


[1893] 1. ཐ་དད་པ byas pa/ bya ba/ byos// lus ngag yid kyi las ka bgyid pa/ ... skad cha byed pa/ ... bsam blo zhib tshags byas pa/ ... da lta gros sdur byed pa'i sgang yin/ ... mi tshe hril por gsar brje'i las don byed pa/ ... 2. byed po gzhan dang dngos su 'brel ba'i byed las ston byed cig ... shing mkhan gyis shing gcod par byed pa/ ... gcod


1. དོན་བྱེད་ནུས་པ

 2. ཡིད་ལ་བྱེད་པ

3. 'jig rten na sas skye zhing gnas pa'i rten byed pa bzhin du ; 

4. rnam pa yang dang yang du yid la byed pa goms na ; 

5. dgag byar byed dgos pa


1. able to perform a function {TCT}; 

2. mental application; 

3. just as, in the world, ground serves as a basis of production and abiding ... {PGP 73}; 

4. if one familiarizes [oneself] with taking to mind the aspects [of the maNDala] again and again ... {TGP 25} ; 

5. ... must be taken as the object of negation{LWT 148}


karaka. karaNIya. kartavya. kAra. kArita. kAritA. kArin. kRtya. praNetR. prati-/pad:pratipadyate. ut-/sah:utsahate. upanayat. /kR:karoti. /kR:kartum. /kR:kurvat. /kR:kuryAm. /mA:mApayanti


In special cases, may mean 'knowing' or 'recognizing' rather than the more usual meaning.


move, act, get, work, handle, make, do, proceed, go ahead, go on, start work, touch, becomes, over-all effectiveness, initiative (aspect of basic cause situation), SA རྒྱུ་རྐྱེན, make, manufacture, cause, force to do anything, bring about, perform, copulate, (emphasis for verbs), style, denominate, tell, mention, the person that does a thing, doer, performer, author, the doing, dealings, diagrams, render, actions, to embark upon, to act upon


1) ཐ་དད་པ byas pa, bya ba, byos,, 1) do[er of] actions [of body speech and mind]; 2) showing a real connection w another doer [gcod byed kyi sta re]; 3) condition of doing by ordinary agent [shing mkhan gyis sta res shing gcod pa]; 4) power/ able to, efficacy; 5) buddha activity (6) 11 [because of the 11 astr actions] (7) in reading individual letters nga ro 'don pa'i byed pa (8) make, create, produce (9) cause to (happen) (10) fabricate (11) what it does (/ ???decline. 1) (ཐ་དད་པ byas pa, bya ba, byos,, 1) do[er of] actions; 3) condition of doing by ordinary agent; 4) power/ able to, efficacy; 5) buddha activity; 6) 11; 7) in reading individual letters nga ro 'don pa'i byed pa; 8) make, create, produce; 9) cause to (happen; 10) fabricate; 11) what it does (/ ???decline


. . .r byed pa - to serve to . . .. to do/ act/ cause to happen; to create; to produce


བྱེད་པ, བྱས་པ, bya ba, byos} trans. v. . 

1) to do, make, create, produce, to act, do, cause to [happen]. 

2) doer, efficacious, to decline, to fabricate, what it does; active verb +: he who is (doing the verb - beating); operation, action, process. {...r byed pa} to serve to.; to do/ act/ cause to happen