activities{N}; deed; doing; action; do; indicator of object of a verb [future of byed pa, to do; make; perform]; function


{C}works; activity; tell; mention; cause; arise; 'what is to be done', i.e., duty; should be effected; what had to be done; should be performed; work; function; business; task; {GD:623} functional intermediary


bya/ byed/ byas/ byos/


karaNa. karaNIya. kartavya. kArya. kRtya. kriyA. vyApAra


{C,MV,MSA}*; {C}*; {MSA,MV}*; {MSA}kartavyatA; {C,MV,MSA}*; {C,MV,MSA}*; {N}*; {N}*-*; {L}pravRtti



1. ཐ་དད་པ 1) byed pa'i ma 'ongs pa/ 2) 'bod pa'am zer ba/ ... zhes bya ba/ ... 2 ... .1) las ka dang spyod pa dang/ sgo gsum gyi rtsol ba/ ... ngag gi bya ba yon po/ ... yid kyi bya ba 'dzol ba/ ... spyi pa'i bya ba sgrub pa/ ... las mtsher sgyid ngan byas pas bya ba shor/ ... rig pa bsgrims nas bya ba dang bya ba ma yin par blang dor gyi dbye 'bye byed pa/ ... rang 'khos dang mi 'tsham pa'i bya ba rngam chen/ ... babs lhing rtog dpyod med par 'dre rlung 'khor 'tshub lta bu'i bya ba rngam chen ma byed/ ... 'jig rten bya ba mi yis mi shes na/ seng @1861 ge'i 'dug lugs khyi yis ga la shes/ ... 2) nus pa dang/ phan nus/ ... sngon gyi bya ba la skur ba 'debs pa/ ... bya ba phyin ci log pa/ ... 3) bya las/ ...


Thumi, p.174, has byed for the imperative, but I think the above is correct {T}


kartum. vidhi. /kR:kariSyAmi. /kR:kartum


activity, creation, causal sequences, duties, matter, affair, thing, work, job, verb, act itself, deed, function, undertaking, that which is to be done, any action, duty, future of to do, to call, SA byed pa, work, deeds, action, it must, ritual deeds



1) [f བྱེད་པ] two called, say, known as; 

2) conduct, effort of the three gates; 

3) power, use; 

4) deed, action, work[er], engage[ment], job, task; 

5) matter, affair; 

6) thing to be done; 

7) doings, activities; 

8) entitled [the free duty of bodhisattvas who have attained to non-discursive knowledge]; 

9) verb


action(s); to use (a term) for (something); (something) to be done; project at hand


1) ft. of  བྱེད་པ; deed, action, work, engagement. lit. what is to be done, the free duty of bodhisattvas who have attained to nondiscursive knowledge. work, deed, job, task, matter, affair, thing to be done, doings, activities. 

2) called, known as, entitled. 

3) verb. Syn འཇུག་པ; a movement; called; actions; verb +: he who should be (the object - beaten); to use (a term) for (something); (something) to be done; project at hand