[1370] sangs rgyas shAkya thub pas chos 'khor thog mar bskor skabs gsungs pa'i 'khor ba'i rgyu 'bras dang myang 'das kyi rgyu 'bras ma lus pa bsdus nas blang dor bya ba'i gzhi 'phags pa'i bden pa bzhi ste/ sdug bsngal bden pa dang/ kun 'byung bden pa dang/ 'gog pa'i bden pa dang/ lam gyi bden pa rnams so/ chos bzhi po 'di dag 'phags pa'i gzigs ngor de kho na ltar ma nor bar nges pas 'phags pa'i bden pa bzhi zhes bya'o/ ...


'phags pa'i bden pa bzhi ni / sdug bsngal bden pa dang / kun 'byung bden pa dang / 'gog pa'i bden pa dang / lam gyi bden pa'o. 600 28.


4 noble truths (sdug bsngal, kun 'byung, 'gog pa, lam)


four noble truths


the * [taught by the Buddha Shakyamuni in the 1st turning of the wheel of dharma. including al the causes and fruitions of samsara and nirvana and what is to be accepted and rejected: the truth of suffering sdug bsngal bden pa dang, the truth of the source/arising of suffering kun 'byung bden pa dang, the truth of the cessation of suffering 'gog pa'i bden pa dang, the truth of the path lam gyi bden pa. Becuse these four dharmas, for the viewpoint of the noble ones de kho na ltar are true and not erroneous, they are called the * = of the noble ones {'phags pa'i bden pa bzhi}


('phags pa'i) bden pa bzhi - four (noble) truths


four truths: Mipham: {sdug bsngal gyi bden pa dang, kun 'byung gi bden pa dang, 'gog pa'i bden pa dang, lam gyi bden pa'o} the truth of suffering, the truth of origin, the truth of cessation, and the truth of path