self; I [can be used to refer to oneself]; nature; entity


sva. aham. Atman


{MSA,MV}*; *; {MSA}*; {C}ahu; {C}hu (=*); Atma {GD:594}; AtmA



1) rang nyid dam nga/ ... bdag gi pha ma las kyang bka' drin che/ ... bdag tu ma bzung ba/ ... gzhan gyis gdag tu 'dzin pa/ ... don gnad 'di nga la rgyus yod pas bdag drag snyam pa 'dug ... gdag rkyen/ 1) byas rjes bzang po la gzengs bstod pa'i dngos po/ ... 

2) rkyen bzhi'i nang gses/ 'bras bu 'byung ba la dbang byed pa ste/ mig la sogs pa'i dbang po ni rang 'bras shes pa skyed pa'i bdag po byed pas bdag po'i rkyen zhes bya'o/ .... [1355] gi phogs/ 1) rang phyogs/ ... 2) rang gi grub mtha'i phogs/ .... [1356] rgyud/ rang gi shes rgyud dam/ rang gi lus sems/ .... [1356] cag nga tsho/ ... 'bangs kyi bya ba bdag cag gis mi sgrub na su zhig gis sgrub/ ...


Comment: it is said that in general "self," "person," ( གང་ཟག,  pudgala) and "I" ( ,  ahaM) are equivalent, in the particular context of the selflessness of persons "self" and "person" are not at all equivalent and do not at all have the same meaning. In the term "selflessness of persons," "self" refers to a falsely imagined status that needs to be refuted, whereas "persons" refers to existent beings who are the bases with respect to which that refutation is made. All four Buddhist schools, therefore, hold that persons exist; they do not claim that persons are mere fictions of ignorance.




How could the world exist in fact, With a nature passed beyond the three times ...? (tarikAlyavyativRttAtmA loka evam kuto 'rthataH) [NPG, vs. 63]




atman, ego, self, one's self, I, master, solid matter, person, self-identity, one's own state, state, substance, true state, identity


1) "I"; 

2) ego; 

3) nature; 

4) belong to, own[er]

 (5)ruler, king, sovereign, lord 

(6) great being, master (/ [me, [my/1]self, atman, essence, identity,, source]. 

1) "I"; 2) ego; 3) nature; 4) belong to, own[er]; 5) ruler, king, sovereign, lord; 6) great being, master


བདག་པོ lord/ master; owner; agent. identity (with inherent existence); soul


1) atman, I, me, self, oneself, ego, myself. 

2) vi. to belong to, own, 

3) essence, self- entity, identity, བདག་ཉིད; 

4) ruler, king, source; soul; master; great being, sovereign. Syn བདག་པོ