[1359] 1) rtag 'jug skab skyi byed pa po dang bya ba'i yul yin la de yang byed po gtso phal dang bye pa'i las bcas dngos po bdag gi khongs su 'du ba dang/ bya yul bya las dang bcas pa dngos po bzhan gyi khongs su 'du/ ... 

2) རང་གཞནགཉིས་།/ ... bdag phan gzhan gnod kyi las ka/ ... bdag gzhan brje ba'i byang chub kyi sems/ ...


self or other


self and other[s]/another [in the case of self-abhisheka regarding the doer byed pa po and bya ba'i yul the doer chief and ordinary and action of doing are things included within oneself and, bya yul and bya las are things included within other]. self and other[s]/ another


1) oneself and others, yourself and others. 

2) itself and something else / other