position; direction; portion; class; bias; quarter; side; faction {BJ 11.3}


{C}region; country; space; factiousness; wing; alternative; definition of the doctrine; to a limited extent; spot; place; piece of land; {GD:263} thesis


diz. deza. pakSa. pakSya. pradeza


{LCh,C,MSA}*; {LCh}*; {L}dik; {C}diza; {C,MV,MSA}* (e.g.: {MSA}kRSNa-zukla-*; {MSA}zamatha-*; {MSA}vipazyanA-*); {C}*; {MV}*; digbhAga


[1761] ... 1) nyi mas bstan pa'i ngos/ ... steng phyogs/ ... 'og phyogs/ ... shar phyogs/ ... nub phyogs/ ... rang phyogs/ ... dgra phyogs/ ... yul phyogs tshang mar gzigs zhib tu phebs/ ... ming gi rnam grangs la kun khyab dang/ nyi ston/ 'phrog byed/ gsal gnas bcas so/ 

2) ris dang/ sna ga / ... mthun phyogs/ ... 'gal phyogs/ ... zla ba'i dkar phyogs dang nag phyogs/ ... khas len dam bca'i phyogs/ ... rgyab rten rigs pa'i phyogs/ ... chos can snang phyogs dang chos nyid stong phyogs/ ... 

3) zla phyed la'ang phyogs zer te/ dkar phyogs dmar phyogs dang/ lo gsum phyogs gsum/ sgra gcan phyogs longs zer ba bzhin no/ ... 

4) (mngon) phyogs bzhi mtshams bzhi steng 'og ste phyogs la bcu yod pas grangs bcu mtshon/ ...


another example: མཐུན་ཕྱོགས(similar class)


pakSyatva. pArzva


side, orientation, leaning toward a particular side, headed in a particular direction. Especially philosophical or 'ideological' orientations. Skt. diz, pakSa, etc. = dam bca'; position, thesis. Skt. pakSa. Thurman.


contrast with, extreme, opposites, partial, directions, part, conducive to, logical form, set, aspect, respect, side, cardinal points, separate, orientations, base, side, outskirts, interests, benefits, party, about, lately, limits, surface, place, should be prepared, direction, "manner of" construction, part, limited aggregation, cycle


1) spatial direction, cardinal point [syn: kun khyab, nyi ston, 'phrog byed, gsal gnas] {phyogs skyong} - guardians of the (4/10) directions [= {rgyal chen sde bzhi} brgya byin sogs phyogs bcu srung ba'i lha bcu. 

1) spatial direction, cardinal point; 

2) place, region, spatial position/ side; 

3) thesis, tenet; 

4) opinion, viewpoint, position; 

5) side, class, category, type, aspect, respect, part, factors; 

6) period of time; 

7) 10; 

8) alternative; 

9) subject (of a syllogism; 

10) direct, turn to, face to a certain direction; 

11) party, faction, side, opposition (in debate/ war /politics etc; 

12) base; 

13) outskirts; 

14) part of something bordering on another; 

15) partiality, bias, interest; 

16) 10; 

17) about [such and such a time]; 

18) how/ means/ way to do/ of doing -- [gdong len byed phyogs: how to face it; gsungs phyogs: way they said it 

(19 side w [gran zlar phyogs pa red: sided w the opponent] 

(20 {'phyag}! sweep! clean! polish!


ཕྱོགས་ཆོསpremise/ proposition (in logic). . . . gi phyogs - perspective/ aspect of . . . ; tendency to(ward) . . . ; that which pertains to . . .. direction; spatial relationship; extreme; (sectarian) prejudice/ bias/ faction; side; isc. perspective


factor, position, side [thd]. side, position, factor. 

1) direction, place, region, cardinal point, to direct, turn to, directing. turning to. aspect, respect, side. 

2) factor, part. 

3) opinion, side, position, tenet, thesis, alternative, subject [of a syllogism], aspect, respect. 

4) v. to direct, turn to. 

5) party, faction, opposition [in debate etc]. 

6) class, category, position, type. direction; spatial relationship; (sectarian) prejudice, bias, faction; biased extreme; side; circle of friends; sphere/ brink; {lho'i phyogs} to the south of; inclined to; aspect, side; part, factors; the area around. a thesis, position [ggd]