or; and; when; time


[1517] 1 ... .1) gang gi dus su/ ... char pa nam 'bab nges med/ ... las 'gan nam 'grub yong/ ... slob grwar nam 'gro/ ... sngon chad nam yang thos ma myong la phyin chad kyang nam yang 'byung mi srid/ ... ngal rtsol mi dmangs bde skyid 'thob ched nam yang 'bad brtson lhur len byed/ ... gza' nyi ma nam shar la ngal gso yin/ ... 2) mtshan mo/ ... nam mi langs ka med nyi mas 'ded/ ... 2.ming mtha' na'i rjes su sbyor ba'i 'byed sdud kyi sgra'i rkyen zhig ... na ... dga' ston nam tshogs 'du/ ... g.yas g.yon nam stod smad/ ... 3.ming mtha' na'i rjes su sbyor ba'i the tshom ston byed kyi sgra'i rkyen zhig ... na ... yin nam min nam/ ... sman 'dis na tsha 'di rigs la phan nam mi phan/ ...


nam is also used as a question particle; see example 3


rajanI. rAtra


In the phrase gser nam, a drachma of gold. Karmay, Treasury. See under drug nam. gser zho'i skar ma. Btsan-lha. When used directly before a verb: from the time when you start[ed] [the verbal action].


ever, when night, when, interrogative particle after the letter na, when, whenever, also, or


1) when[ever]; 

2) [mid]night; 

3) or; 

4) ? [words ending in m]; 

5) part whenever; 

6) at day-break


1) question particle for words ending in 'n'. 

2) when, whenever. night, at day-break, midnight; (coll) time/ when; when, now; now