feat; accomplishment; yogic accomplishment; actual accomplishment; fact




'grub 'grub 'grubs/grub grubs




[675] 1) sbyor ba nyer bdun gyi nang gses shig ... 

2) (sidd+hiH) man ngag bsgrubs nas grub pa'i dgos 'dod kyi legs 'bras/ ...


paranormal power.


siddhi, realization, attainments, rewards of one's labor, wealth, juice, enriching, opulent, accomplishment sought for, perfection, excellence, anything superior, honor, riches, talents, wisdom, spiritual power, 8 ordinary acquisitions (ral gri'i dngos grub, ril bu, mig sman, rkang mgyogs, bcud len, mkha' spyod, mi snang ba, sa 'og), SA mchog gi dngos, thun mong dngos grub, feat


absolute knowledge of the truth, accomplishment, attainment, siddhi, accomplishing what is, wealth, enriching, opulent, mastery, power. 

1) among the sbyor ba nyer bdun; 

2) (Siddhi: accomplish good fruition from the oral instructions


དངོས་སུ་གྲུབ་པ spiritual attainment/ siddhi


1) accomplishment, attainment, siddhi, achievement; {mchog thun dngos grub} the supreme and ordinary siddhis. 

2) wealth, enriching, opulent, 

3) mastery, powerful. 

4) a divine gift, boon, something beneficial, advantage, benefit, gain, favor, profit, blessing. magical powers; x {bu'i dngos grub 'tshol ba} - seeking the magical powers for getting a son. accomplishment. ( དངོས་གྲུབ), 

Skt. siddhi. The attainment resulting from Dharma practice usually referring to the 'supreme accomplishment' of complete enlightenment. It can also mean the 'common accomplishments,' eight mundane accomplishments such as clairvoyance, clairaudiance, flying in the sky, becoming invisible, everlasting youth, or powers of transmutation. The most eminent attainments on the path are, however, renunciation, compassion, unshakable faith and realization of the correct view. See also 'supreme and common accomplishments.'