[virtuous-friend]; spiritual guide; ge-s#hay [a person who has completed the scholastic phase of monastic training]; geshe


dge ba'i bshes gnyen/




[455] blang dor gyi gnas ston pa'i dge ba'i bshes gnyen te/ yon tshad kyi go ming zhig yin/ lha sa'i gdan sa gsum gyi lam lugs la cha bzhag na/ lha rams pa'i dge bshes dang/ tshogs rams pa'i dge bshes/ rdo rams pa'i dge bshes/ gling bsre'i dge bshes bcas rim pa bzhi yod/ ...


title for a Tibetan Buddhist monk, buddhist dge slong who has mastered metaphysics and important branches of sacred literature, person who leads a pure life and is possessed of learning


kaly amitra, geshe, (academic title), virtuous teacher, spiritual benefactor/friend [teaching what should be accepted and rejected, yon tshad kyi go ming zhig yin, lha sa'i gdan sa gsum gyi academic title lam lugs la cha bzhag na, four ranks lha rams pa'i dge bshes dang, tsogs rams pa'i dge bshes, rdo rams pa'i dge bshes, gling bsre'i dge bshes bcas. kaly amitra, geshe (academic title, virtuous teacher, spiritual benefactor/ friend


kalyanamitra 1) geshe, [academic title], scholar. 

2) virtuous teacher, spiritual friend. Geshe. 

1) A spiritual teacher according to the Mahayana teachings. 

2) A learned teacher according to the Kadam and Gelug traditions. Geshe, holder of a high academic degree in Buddhist philosophy