[part-not-exist]; partless; indefinite


[775] 1) rgyus med/ ... mi cha med rgyus med la blo ma bcol/ ... 2) nges pa med/ ... khong gar song cha med red/ ...


O.T. = rgyus med. Blan 291.5. = nges med. 367 127.2. = rgyus med. BBNP 473.


indivisible, partless, without warning, odd, unknown


w/o warning, undetermined, unfamiliar, unknown, uncertain, w/o 1 part of a pair, alone, single, partless, indivisible, absolute, incomparable, unpredictable


usu. nothing left to divide; divisible to the point where nothing is left; indivisible; without different facets; unknown; lack of certainty/ foreknowledge; without a clue as to . . .


of which you know nothing at all. unpredictable; {rgyus med cha med} unfamiliar and unpredictable. 1) without one part of the pair, alone, single. 2) partless, partlessness; indivisible, indivisible; without different facets; absolute 3) incomparable, 4) no/without certainty, not certain, unsure; unpredictability; unknown; lack of certainty/(fore)knowledge; without a clue as to. 5) without warning. 6) Syn {rgyus med}, having no knowledge/familiarity; "unknown". | {mi cha med rgyus med la blo ma bcol}, Do not trust/believe an unfamiliar, unknown man/person. ii) nges pa med, uncertain. khong gar song cha med red, His whereabouts are uncertain/unknown