(as instrumental particle) by; by means of; with; because. (as non-case particle corruptly used in place of the non-case usage of genitive particles) but; and; (semi-colon).(as imperative verb form) do


bgyi/ བགྱིད/ bgyis/ gyis/


[383] 1. bgyid pa'i skul tshig 

2. 'brel sgra gyi zhes pa'i sgra'i sbyor tshul dang mthun pa'i byed sgra'i rkyen zhig ... sprin gyis nyi ma'i dkyil 'khor bkab/ ... rdzun gtam gyis khungs skyel mi thub pa/ ... g.yang dkar gyis 'ba' sgra sgrog pa/ ... tshur rgol thol gyis byung ba/ ...


Comment: One of five instrumental particles— གིས,  ཀྱིས, གྱིས, 'is, yis. Also used adverbially.


do, make, you should, SA kyis, བགྱིད་པ, work honestly, behave well, SA gis, past of bgyid


1) bgyid pa! do; 

2) instr [after na, ma, ra, la [by, since, although, subject indicator]. 

1) bgyid pa! do, !; 

2) instr


will (at the end of a verbal clause); 

1) do!. 

2) instrumental case used after na, ma, ra, and la; imp. of བགྱིད་པ; be/ do!/ let, allow. through