[269] ... 1) rgya tshad dang/ che chung gi tshad/ ... sa khyon/ ... rgya khyon/ ... 2) tshang ma/ ... khyon mi grangs sum brgya yod/ ...


measure of dimensions, area, extent, size, width, circumference, height, all over, all, all told


1) measure of extent/ great and small; 2) all; 3) special, distinctive (/, all over, all told, in all, area, extent, size, surface, extension, width, total, height, circumference


I) size, measurement; 1) area, all, all over. 2) all told, in all, extent. 3) size, surface. 4) extension, width, area, size, total, height, circumference. II) 1) all, all over {'dzam gling khyon la}, all over the world. 2) all told, in all. {zla 1 nas zla 2 bar khyon nyi ma sum cu so gnyis}, from January to February, all told, 32 days